25/04/23 First Newsletter

25/04/23 First Newsletter

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We thought that we’d take this opportunity to kindly thank you for your support and for being part of our first-ever newsletter!

We’re a very new business based in Birmingham who are slowly but surely making our own little dent in the universe by spreading awareness about the natural alternatives to modern medicines and providing the REAL truths about health, nutrition and fitness.

And by the way, we practice what we preach.

A good start, our brand and our morals

We launched BOOST’D Nutrition just over 2 months ago and we’ve had way more engagement than we anticipated and we strongly believe that this is due to fact that we are keeping things real and honest with our audience - and we have every intention to keep doing this.

We know people appreciate honesty, more now than ever as we unfortunately all live in a world whereby it can be very hard to find.

Rest assured that you’ve found yourself a new UK brand that comprises of health, fitness and wellness enthusiasts who have education and their customers’ best interests as a priority above anything else that we do as we will only sell products that we have personally consumed ourselves and believe work.

We will NEVER sell any products that may have a negative effect on our users. that is our word, and our word is our bond.

So, whether you’ve bought any of our products or not, we’re genuinely proud to have your support as you are one more person to who we believe we can provide immense value which you can then apply to your own daily life indefinitely!

BOOST'D Black Seed Oil

Speaking of our products, our most premium and best-selling product, our BOOST’D Black Seed Oil has already started to help so many people with a myriad of different illnesses already and we genuinely couldn’t be happier about it!

We know this because some of our senior team members have been calling our customers over the last few weeks to collect feedback about how our products have helped our customer’s lives and how we could potentially improve our overall brand experience and the feedback has been so valuable to us, thank you.

And if you haven’t tried our BOOST’D Black Seed Oil yet or if you need to top up on it, here’s an EXCLUSIVE 10% off discount code you can use at checkout on your bottle today: NEWSLETTER10
Our Mission

Our mission is to spread awareness about the natural alternatives to conventional medications and to provide 100% plant-based, Non-GMO and UK-manufactured health and fitness products whilst helping you to look and feel great without costing the earth.

One of our objectives for 2023 is to grow our overall community (newsletter subscribers and social media followers) so that we can educate, inspire and entertain so many more people and build a community of like-minded individuals who strive to improve themselves daily and ultimately, together.
"Discover the Power Within"

Our slogan is “Discover the power within” and we’re very confident that it will resonate with you on a completely different level once you continue to improve your health, nutrition and fitness!
You can find the advice that we share on a daily basis via our blogs and social media platforms.

To conclude, thank you again for your support, we aim to continue pursuing our goals and we really hope you do too, as without goals and direction, we’re merely feathers blowing in the wind.

If you believe in our products and messages we’d really appreciate it if you gave us a follow on our social media platforms (below).

And… keep an eye out for the launch of our new green powder which we are so excited to share with the UK!

The BOOST’D Nutrition team.
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