Meet The Faces Behind The Brand

Rav Bains

Several years ago, Rav Bains, the founder of BOOST'D Nutrition, faced persistent health issues despite seeking medical help for over three years. Frustrated with the lack of improvement, Rav took matters into his own hands. He delved into extensive research on Ayurveda, ancient medicinal practices, neuroscience, nutraceuticals, breathing techniques, yoga, and plant-based diets. Disturbed by what he learned about modern medication and its side effects, Rav decided to turn away from pharmaceuticals.

Realising the disparity between mainstream health advice and natural solutions, Rav transformed his health within months using natural approaches. Feeling betrayed by the conventional healthcare system, he resolved to share his knowledge and founded BOOST'D Nutrition.

Bee Karwal

Meet a remarkable mother of two teenagers who embarked on a unique journey into the realm of Ayurveda.Faced with a significant illness and unexplained weight loss, Bee was deeply alarmed and determined to find a transformative approach to heal her body.This personal odyssey became the foundation of her life's purpose: extending a helping hand to others on their wellness journey.For her, the exploration of Ayurveda and fasting not only brought healing but evolved into a profound calling—to guide and support others on their individual paths to well-being.Her experience has woven the threads of personal healing into a mission of offering guidance and support to those navigating their own journeys toward wellness.

Our Birmingham-based business aims to educate the public about natural medicinal practices, offering 100% natural products backed by scientific knowledge. BOOST'D Nutrition strives to empower individuals to heal their bodies and minds without solely relying on Western medication. The mission is to spread awareness about the truths of health and nutrition while providing natural solutions that the team uses daily.