Newletter 2 - 13/05/23

Newletter 2 - 13/05/23

Welcome to our 2nd newsletter.

We had to bring out the 2nd newsletter early due to all of the positive feedback we received after the 1st one!

It’s great to hear that our customers genuinely enjoyed reading our first newsletter!

We thought that in this newsletter it would be good to share the following:

How we’re getting on
Our brand new product
Applicable advice to help you in your day-to-day life
How it’s going:

As we mentioned in our first newsletter, we have been so pleasantly surprised by how BOOST’D Nutrition has performed so far for such a new business.

We only launched BOOST’D Nutrition in February and we can confidently say, not many other businesses have experienced a start like we have!

Why though?

We attribute a lot of this to our beliefs and morals.

We know that if our hearts are not in the right place and if our messaging isn’t pure, we simply would never have grown at the rate that we have done.

I’m sure you’re fully aware that there are so many nonsense businesses which are constantly trying to persuade us into buying their fruitless products and the last thing we wanted was to identify with these types of businesses.

Our messaging comes from a place of experience and education - nothing else.

This reflects in the feedback we’ve received from our customers.

We’ve taken the time to call many of our customers to see how they’re getting on with our products and it seems that our BOOST’D Black Seed Oil in particular has been helping so many of our customers.

Mostly with their digestion, skin and hair.

And THIS is why we do what we do!

We’re constantly trying to spread awareness about natural alternatives to conventional, modern medicines and it’s so fulfilling to hear that we’re finally getting the message across to the wider world!

We hope that if you’re yet to try black seed oil, you give ours a go as the potential health benefits are genuinely LIFE CHANGING.

Our new product:


After countless hours of trying to perfect the perfect blend of ingredients we’ve finally done it and we couldn’t be prouder!

Meet BOOST’D Greens:

Hands down, this is the single best blend of ingredients and nutrients that ACTUALLY mix together without compromising on quality and absorption.

There any plenty of other green powders which claim to have 30+ ingredients which sounds great to the average person BUT, do the ingredients even mix and complement each other?


A lot of people are falling for this idea that the more ingredients a powder has, the better it is when this in fact couldn’t be further from the truth!

Ingredients need to be able to blend together and work with each other seamlessly.

The better they blend, the better the green powder complements your body and the more vivid the health benefits will be to the consumer.

This is where BOOST’D Greens comes in to blow away these other powders!

We crafted this blend ourselves with the health benefits as the number 1 priority.

Here are the key health benefits that are associated with taking our BOOST’D Greens Powder every morning:

Healthy blood vessels
Improved energy levels and reduction of tiredness
Improved digestion
Normal blood pressure
Healthier skin
Improved immunity
Protection of cells from oxidative stress
Improved protein synthesis
Improved nervous system health
Maintain normal vision
Improved psychological functionality
Healthier bones and teeth
Normal function of cartilage
Healthier gums
Balanced electrolytes
Normal muscle function

We’re really looking forward to seeing how BOOST’D Greens is received by our customers and how it improves their lives!

And here’s an exclusive discount just for our newsletter subscribers which will give you 15% off your first order of BOOST’D Greens!

Use code NEWSGreens15

Some valuable advice which you could apply to your personal life:

Life can be hard.

We all know this as we have our battles in our lives that we fight every day which is exactly why we thought we’d share some advice that we try to use ourselves daily.

We’ve found that since we started applying this to our lives, we’ve been more at peace and fulfilled in general.

Make a constant effort to keep your mind CALM.

Here’s why…

The majority of the stress in your life is actually caused by the way you respond to situations rather than the situations themselves.

Let that sink in…

So, by remaining calm whenever life throws hard situations at you, your overall life WILL become far calmer and, by extension, you will feel happier.

“Our mind is home. If you have a messy home you will trip. If it’s tidy, you will walk with ease and flow like a river.” - Saimir Kercanaj

Trust us with this one.

It can be hard to apply at first but just like forming any new habits, this requires repetition.

For every time you do it, the easier next time will be.

You WILL be a calmer person.

You WILL be a happier person by extension.

You CAN do this.

(This is an extract from one of our blogs: "Clear your mind and break free". If you would like to read more like this click here)


To conclude, we’d like to once again thank you for your undying support because it’s very much appreciated.

We will continue to do our part by educating and inspiring people to become healthier and discover the power within.

Without our health, what are we?

BOOST’D Nutrition.
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