Clear your mind and break free

Clear your mind and break free

“Our mind is our home, if you have a messy home you will trip, if tis tidy you will walk with ease and flow like a river.

You have two choices; to self-destruct or to expand” – Saimir Kercanaj

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You may have noticed that, when your mind is calm, you can perceive everything clearly and beautifully.

A troubled mind is like dirty water, if you stir the water it will stay dirty, but if you let it, it will clear itself up.

This is the same with your mind.

Let things go, don’t over think.

Observe with no judgement and you will see how your mind will be cleared up.

Most of our stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is.

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Life is how you perceive it to be.

You perceive it with your mind, and your thoughts trigger emotions.

So, change the way you see the outside world and your inside universe will change based on your new adjustments.

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Find positives in any situation.

Every situation has both negative and positive sides to it. Its up to you to decide if you are aiming for a temporary fix (band-aid), or a long term fix (healing). It all depends on you.

Nobody will come to save YOU.

We born to care, love, be compassionate, have forgiveness etc and we also have greed, lie, deceit, selfishness etc.

All these are set as default within us.

We are both good and evil. Its just energy.

Two sides of the same coin. Yin/Yang, light/darkness, black/white wolf.


Depending on which one you feed the most -  the black or the white wolf, light or darkness.

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Both are needed to be “whole”. It just needs to be a balance between both.

I used to constantly see/perceive the outside world as a constant negative from seeing all the suffering from around the world and I was suffering myself inside by blaming others and situations, but this is nobody’s fault other than mine.

I was always angry and I could not understand why as I did not want to be this way, until, I realised that all my emotions had to do with the way I was responding to the perception I had of the outside world.

So, little by little, I started rebuilding myself, and slowly changed my perception of the outside world.

As an angry person, I was only hurting myself.

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ALL of your life you will be living in your head, so make sure it is a nice place to live.

If you stop comparing your lifestyle with others, then you will appreciate what you have.

Remember; "comparison is the theif of joy"

I have lived for 4 years in a third world developing country when I was in my late teens and this was a very hard but a truly remarkable and humbling experience.

India, unfortunately, has massive levels of poverty, considering its labelled as a “superpower”.

Witnessing such poverty when I moved from the United Kingdom was an eye opener and very humbling and then you truly appreciate and value your life and what you have.

If I am ever presented with a situation where I am challenged mentally or physically, I recall back to certain times and situations in my life, whereby I have been challenged or remember back to the poverty in India and recall all the smiles from the less privileged, considering their situations and this allows me to overcome these better.

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I never say to myself “why me”, if something negative happens in my life, as I value and appreciate what I have achieved and what I have in my life, which is food, clothes, family, friends, businesses, love and much more.

Why should I not appreciate life?

This mindset has proven to be very powerful for me and it can be for anyone.

When the mind is clear then you will make healthy choices and you will realize that happiness was nowhere else but inside of you.

The first step is to get rid of the garbage that has built up in your mind throughout your life.

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But also, you have to add healthy thinking/lifestyle or else you will not grow.

When you get rid of negative things, suggest you do one thing at a time.

For example, if you get up late and if you don’t exercise, and if you don’t read or if you are a complainer or anything else you realise is not good.

Stop doing these things one at a time.

If you try to do all of them at once, it may seem overwhelming.

Everything we say, write or read gets recorded into the subconscious.


Anything repeated enough times becomes the primary way of expressing self. Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind.

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You want find God?

Look within your heart and not in a blurry mind.

My intention is to make people aware of their potential when the mind is free of noise.

Yes, there are demons but only when you are hostage of such beliefs.

If you believe in hell, then your consciousness will attract those low energy malevolent entities either when you are conscious every day, or while you dream.

All of us are different on an individual conscious level, although those that resonate with each other may seem that are the same, they are still different.

Since words (and the energy that they carry) create your reality, you may just simply speak (what you know) to people and you may ruin some and uplift others.

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Now, if you know that you speak with confidence, then go ahead and spread knowledge even though some may be triggered by it.

In that case, it is good because you are helping them beginning their healing journey.

When you speak your knowledge with confidence it means that you have converted that knowledge into wisdom.

That’s what wisdom is “knowledge practiced and mastered”.

Marinate on all of that...

- Rav Bains

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