Herbs for Strong Lungs

Herbs for Strong Lungs

We are transported from birth to death by the brittle vessel of our breathing. Since we breathe continuously throughout the day, our lungs are active around-the-clock for the duration of our entire lives.

Your body needs oxygen to survive, and your lungs' role is to give it to you. Daily exposure to dust, smoke, pollutants, and microorganisms can damage the lungs and have an adverse effect on general health.

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Exercise, a healthy diet, and herbal remedies are all vital for maintaining healthy lungs. Herbs can have a significant impact on respiratory health. Recurrent coughs, colds, and illnesses like asthma can all be caused by poor lung health. Since ancient times, Ayurveda has used a variety of herbs to treat illnesses, increase immunity, maintain healthy skin, and have several other health advantages. Ayurveda, which translates to "the science of life," places an emphasis on both therapeutic and preventative methods of enhancing health and welfare. Let's look at some of the herbs that are frequently used in Ayurveda to support healthy breathing or maintain lungs.

Holy Basil/Tulsi

It is a typical herb that is present in almost all Indian homes. Tulsi has a high concentration of antioxidants, zinc, and vitamin C, which boosts immunity naturally. Additionally, tulsi demonstrates antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities that support the respiratory system's health and aid in the battle against infections. Bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough, and cold can all be effectively treated with Tulsi leaf juice and honey.

Additionally, it benefits blood detoxification and enhances pulmonary blood flow.

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Licorice Root/Yashtimadhu

Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other chronic conditions can all benefit from chewing on this, but it is most frequently used to treat sore throats and coughs. The key ingredient in the licorice root, glycyrrhizin, is a class of tannins that supports the body's immune system in fighting off infections and enhancing lung capacity.

Sunthi or the Dry Ginger Powder

Nutrients and active substances that are good for our bodies are abundant in ginger powder. Common colds and coughs can be relieved thanks to ginger root's anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals. To quickly relieve a cough caused by a variety of factors, dry ginger powder is advised to be mixed with warm water or honey.

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Long Pepper or Pippali

This plant works well to treat colds and coughs. According to Ayurveda, the entire respiratory system benefits from it. The active ingredient piperine possesses expectorant, carminative, and anti-infective characteristics in addition to helping to enhance lung function. It is advised to consume long pepper powder with honey or as part of a regular diet. Pippali is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps prevent infections of the respiratory system.


One of the components of triphala is Bibhitaki. Many of the antioxidants it contains, including ellagic acid, tannins, and flavones, have anti-inflammatory properties in addition to its immune-boosting properties. It is a delicate component of Kofol cough syrup that successfully treats and calms your throat while relieving coughing symptoms. In addition to herbs, practise mindful eating, yoga, and pranayama to improve lung health.

Breathing exercises help to maintain good respiratory health and lower stress.

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