5 Ways to Get Better Sleep According to Ayurvedic Practitioners

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep According to Ayurvedic Practitioners

Everybody occasionally has trouble falling asleep at night, which is completely natural. When you have sleeplessness frequently and it begins to negatively impact your health, it is referred to as chronic. You could wake up throughout the night tossing and turning because of stress, worry, or poor sleeping habits, among other factors.
The causes of sleeplessness that are rooted in unhealthy lifestyle choices can be easily handled at home with the aid of Ayurveda, but those that are brought on by chronic diseases will require professional medical attention.

You can get better sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated by engaging in some daily ayurvedic rituals before bed. When it's time to go to bed, these rituals can accommodate relaxation and make things easier for you to give your brain a break. These Ayurvedic remedies can help you sleep better at night.


Pranayama is the name for slow breathing exercises that require concentration on both your breathing and the flow of energy through your body. Before going to bed, practising pranayama can help to enhance blood flow and boost the body's supply of oxygen. This promotes mental relaxation and sleep.

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Deep Breathing.

You can practise deep breathing with "Om" chanting if pranayama is too complicated for you. To do that, you simply inhale while chanting "Om," and then exhale through your mouth and nose simultaneously. It can help you fall asleep more quickly because the word "Om" has a relaxing effect on the mind. Keep a pause between every two utterances when chanting.

Wash your feet.

When individuals arrived home from a long day's work in ancient times, they would wash their feet. Washing your feet promotes relaxation in the body, relieves stiff muscles, and lowers stress levels. Negativity is reduced and tranquilly is felt after washing your feet.

Avoid Electronics.

In our daily lives, excessive use of electronics is a prevalent issue that can interfere with our sleep cycles. When you use your phone or watch television right before bed, your mind is still active, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Before going to bed at night, make an effort to establish a calm environment. To get to sleep easily, turn on some calming music or read a book.

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An Ayurvedic therapy called abhyanga involves rubbing the body with warm oil soaked with herbs. If massaging the entire body is not possible, we advise rubbing the stress areas at night. To relax your muscles and fall asleep soundly, massage your forehead, shoulders, and back with warm sesame oil.

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